Hi it's Merlyn.

Lots of Dane DeHaan since 2014.4.1

I love him and I respect him.

Care to join the Dane Train fellas?



Life after Beth” opens in cinemas this Wednesday (October 1) in the UK. Don’t forget to see it!
While we are anticipating the movie in the UK, Dane-DeHaan.org is hosting a competition! If you live in the UK you can win a merchandise prize pack. That is definitely a great gift for all Dane fans, so don’t miss your chance to win!

All you have to do is fill in the form below and answer a simple question. I will be getting all your applications until September 30. Then I will randomly pick a winner, and contact him or her via email. The winner will be announced on the site as well! Please remember that only UK residents can win a prize!

danedehaanorg said:  I am praying for fashion awards pics, usually there are many taken there<3

omg omg omg  thank u babe<333333333333 is it tonight i feel like i havent seen dne in suit for centuries im so eager to see him in decent clothes ughhhhhhhh no sleep tonight just wait

Jfc they are in Paris for a fashion show. I can’t breath ladies&gentlemen cross your fingers and hope they are going to hit the camera today.